Let’s Write

Let’s write


Hello guys, do you know that your writing reflects your idea? If you know or just know this time, you also believe that improving writing skill is also improving your critical thinking ability. All of language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are through by everyone in their life. When you were born, you don’t have any skill of language, until you try to imitate your father and your mother’s language. Speaking by imitating would be the first language skill you mastered. Before it, in receiving the language, you would listen to them. Listening and speaking are unbreakable skills in language learning. You listen, imitating and say it again without understanding the meaning. It is the same when you learn to write. Before you can write, you must learn to read. Therefore, reading and writing are unbreakable skills in language learning. Nowadays, language is learnt in fragmented skills, and to my understanding it can be harmful. Weaver, in his theory about whole language learning suggests that we should to learn language in unity, kept whole, guys… this is better than you learn language in fragmented skills, but how…?
Suppose that language is not broken-down in fragmented skills, but language is a unity, complexity and unbreakable. What you speak is what you listen is, what you write is what you read is, you read as you speak and you write as you speak, etc. if you learn or improve your language by thinking “language is unbreakable into skills”, you will feel the difference, guys… your language will be better…
Sorry, I don’t mean to lecture you about this, now I want to ask you to write. Write and then develop your critical thinking. How do we start? Publishing a book takes a lot of charge; the easiest way is “Create your Blog!” You can use Blogspot, Multiply or WordPress. Sign up now and we continue…
Now you have an account in (suppose) WordPress.com, you have had a free publisher. From here you can publish your idea (by writing it), people can read your writing and also comment it.
Think… what is the object? Is that important? Do people like the issue? Does it bother people? What is the scale (local, national or international)? For these questions, find the answers by watching TV, reading newspaper and listening radio, guys…
Think… how I can begin…, ok now you return to your self. Don’t write about something you don’t know or don’t understand. Look at the point you have experienced before, an object can be explored from some points. Choose one you interested and ignore other you don’t understand. After choose what point of view you start with, begin the first paragraph by defining the object in general understanding, then you lift the issue you selected.
I believe that the way has been open for you. You don’t write something you don’t understand. In other hand, “you have the idea!” now you explore what you know about it. Don’t forget to relate them with some other ideas (references) and arrange them structurally. Don’t combine more than one idea in a paragraph. If it is needed, you can breakdown your idea in numbers. Explore it, guys… shoot the factor and consequence, what do you think about it? This is your chance. Let people know who you are…
Some conclusions and suggestions will complete your writing. Don’t forget to invite the reader to comment your writing, don’t hate comments! Because it will show what your weakness is and help you improve your ability.
Everyone has principles or philosophy, so do you. So why don’t you share your principles as philosophy?
Be critic, be smart and be care…


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