Being Lost in Reading

zainurrahmanBeing Lost in Reading

A Rejection on the Depersonalization of Barthes

by Zainurrahman

Reading is not only voicing or sounding meaningful arranged graphs, reading is not only identifying text but reading is also interpretation activity and an interpretation is always started by what we call observation. A good reader will observe text as a whole and not as parts. Therefore a good writer will consider goodly the coherence in his or her writing. In this level, Ideolinguistics believes that a successful reading is also determined by the text itself. If the writer cannot write well or he or she is stopped, it may be a block.

“Block” does not only attack the writer (writer’s block) but it also attack reader (reader’s block) and also listener and speaker (listener’s and speaker’s block) but in this chance, we will discuss briefly the reader’s block.

We come back to the reading case. Reading is observing text and then interpreting it. Reading first language text is not only observing but translating text in idea, or first create secondary text as the translation before observe it. Whatever the text kind, idea’s work mechanism is important to be put into account. In reading activity, a reader becomes an adventurer in a text jungle; some people use other expression “text is a map of treasure” what is the treasure? The treasure is “meaning” that will be information or knowledge. Just leave the expression, what should be understood is “reading is consuming the writer idea” whether it will be rejected or accepted, the reader must consume it. Reader has no choice. Reader may not select what part will be read and what part will not, because a reading as related text should be understood as a whole (except for quoting). Whether it will be accepted or rejected, it is not really matter.

When we are reading a text, depersonalization is much prohibited. We should present the writer there because reading a text is consuming and understanding what the writer wants to convey through the text. However, we are not communicating with the writer. The writer in other side is who is speaking to us and the reader is who is commanding when the writer speaks and the reader is also listening. It must be complicated, however it is true that text is a writer’s attempt to immortalize or record the speech structurally and distribute or save it through space and time. Thus, the meaning of text is mainly determined by how it is sounded or voiced. Therefore, the reader should be ready and always concise on the text as if listen the writer speaks. If does not, the reader will be lost in the jungle of text. That is why this discourse is titled “Being Lost in Reading”

There are at least two causes that cause the reader is being lost in reading a (long) text. They are: the complexity of text (as the external factor) and jumping fantasy (as the internal factor). Here, we will discuss more about the internal factor. However, the external factor is not ignorable…. read more? download the fulltext

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