Teachers’ Perception and Problems on School Based Curriculum Implementation

Teacher’s Perception and Problems on School Based Curriculum Implementation

A Research on the School Based Curriculum Implementation

By Zainurrahman


School Based Curriculum or KTSP which is being applied in Indonesia is now perceived by a curriculum that gives place to the variations of the school. The curriculum is built by the school based on consideration of some internal and external significance variables related to the school itself. However, as autonomous curriculum, it also demands teacher and school to be skilled and trained. This demand then causes different perception of the teachers as the curriculum user on the KTSP. Meanwhile, curriculum as a set of education plan should be prepared and adapted based on the learning situation and future demand and because of this, in implementing KTSP teacher must deal with some problems. In other side, curriculum as a dynamic thing, will always be changed and developed. Therefore, research on the KTSP regard to the teacher’s perception and the problems the teacher deal with in implementing it is needed. The result of the research will be important as the reference or at least consideration in the curriculum development. That is why this research is put into account.

As mentioned, that this research is conducted to investigate the teacher’s perception on the KTSP and the problems the teacher “usually” deal with in implementing KTSP. Therefore, this research needs participants who are implementing KTSP or at least have implemented it. This research’s participants are teachers who have applied the KTSP and by employing electronic correspondence, this research then gathered the data needed. The data then is analyzed by employing qualitative data analysis; where the data is classified, commented, synthesized and described.

This research, finally, found that KTSP still offers the “incompleteness” and some complexities that should be considered later on. This research is hoped give an overview of teacher’s perception and the problems in KTSP implementation.

The Fulltext of the research report is permitted to be downloaded


8 thoughts on “Teachers’ Perception and Problems on School Based Curriculum Implementation

  1. this is good written. whould you help me. to day i write my thesis entitle English teachers’ problems in implementing the KTSP: a case study of English teachers at SMP N 7 Muara Bungo. i get difficulties in analizing the data and also suggest solution of those problems….i feel, i am not master about this so i am not confident to write. could you give your idea? please reply at my email. thanks for your kinds

  2. i am Kassahun, from Debre Birhan University, Ethiopia. i am ipressed with the paper. now i am conducting a research with almost a similar content which says ” teachers perception towards the new curriculum of higher education”. i will be very glad if you downlod me related literatures. thanks.

  3. i’m conducting a research for my thesis similar with your written. please send some written or literature the tittle of my thesis is The implementation of ktsp on english teacher at sma x class

  4. I am writing an evaluative study on the implementation of KTSP… would you like to share some literature reviews about KTSP and its implementation? thanks…

  5. I am currently conducting a research on the application of Schoolbased curriculum in TVETs. Would you like to share some literature reviews on the topic.
    I`m from Ethiopia, Amhara region.

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