The Theories of Translation| Download E-Book

E-BookThe Theories of Translation

From History to Procedures

Written by: Maruoane Zakhir, Alex Gross, Nigel Massey, Peter Hodges, Elham Rajab Dorry, Behrouz Karoubi, Aiwei Shi, Samira Mizani, Serhiy Zasyekin, Golnoosh Golestany, Jiang Tianmin, Rafael Ferrer Méndez, and Mahmoud Ordudari.

Edited by Zainurrahman
Taken from Translation Directory and Translation Journals

Price “Free”

The materials in this book were taken from Translation Journals and Translation Directories that valid to be cited for academic purposes.

This book contains the discourses as follows:

The History of Translation
Hermes – God of Translators and Interpreters
Translation and Interpreting Methods and Approaches
Compare and Contrast Two Theoretical Approaches to Translation
A Use of Thematic Structure Theory in Translation
Beyond Translation Theories
Hermeneutics and Translation Theory
Cultural Translation
Style and Stylistic Accommodation in Translation
Gender and Translation
Translation as a Psycho-Semiotic Phenomenon
Meaning: A translator’s view of how the concept of meaning could be best conceived and defined for the trade
The Problems of Third Person Pronoun in Translation
Translation in Context
Writing and Translation
Translation procedures and Translation Procedures, Strategies and Methods

The Fulltext of this book is permitted to be downloaded by everyone. To download this ebook (PDF), klik the link below:

Download FullText of book


15 thoughts on “The Theories of Translation| Download E-Book

  1. hi
    i realy need this book, but unfortionately its link is filtered in my country!
    could u pliz imail me?

  2. tnx for the files.
    I will be glad if u can send me some free translation journal sites or pdf and whatever you have from these sort of the things.
    Im M.A English translation student.

    Here is my email:

  3. The download link is available on the article page above. However, you need account to download it now. When I posted this article, no account is needed to have this file downloaded. But now, has new regulation: only member who can download the file. Thanks.

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