Summary of Research Report Structure

Summary of Research Report Structure Summary of Research Report Structure

A Guidance of Research Report Writing

by Zainurrahman

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Most of the students need the guidance to write research report and there are many books have been published related to this topic. This is one of the books that will discuss briefly about this topic. This small book is hoped to give some guidance for students to perform a good research report.

Zainurrahman, 2009

Content of Book:
What is Research
Characteristics of Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Variables of Research
Internal Validity of Research
External Validity of Research
Considerations in Selecting Research Problem
Hypothesis of Research
Experimental Method
Sampling Techniques
Data Collection Techniques
Data Coding
Data Analysis
The Structure of Research Report

Click here for download the book (PDF)

*Warning: Do not duplicate the books in this site. Please cite and put on the legal reference!!!


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