Teaching Second Language to Visual Learners

Teaching Second Lang.Teaching Second Language to Visual Learners

By Zainurrahman


Visual learner or visual-spatial learner term was firstly introduced by Howard Gardner in as one of items in his theory of multiple intelligences. Each learner has their uniqueness, means that they are different individually; and because of their individual differences, they will acquire their second language in various ways. Visual learner, as mentioned in an educational journal cited “think in term of physical space, as do architects and sailors. They are very aware of their environment, they like to draw, do jigsaw puzzles, read maps… they can be taught through drawings, verbal and physical imagery, tools include models, graphics, charts, photographs, video, television, text and picture.”[1]

Visual intelligence is an ability to observe “space” accurately (read more? Download this free journal via 4shared)


5 thoughts on “Teaching Second Language to Visual Learners

  1. I’m interested in something like this. Can you tell me, have you had any experience with such material? What was your take on it? Was the material presented in this book helpful?

  2. Dear Dorian,
    Yes, of course. I am a teacher and I used to deal with such type of learners. Most of notes in this my lovely homestead are my personal experiences which are not based on theories.

  3. hallooo kang.. punya jurnal or book ttg teaching english for young lerners through video or dvd

  4. salaam,
    waduh mr z gaya lah…u’re doing a great job!!
    Btw, akang conduct penelitian ma anak2 undergraduate yah? kpn ajh tuh? ikutan atuh.
    hope to see u soon 🙂

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