Novel Analysis

ZPJ: Journals of the Philosophy of Language and Education Online 3/ 2010
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Zulkifli Umamit                                                     Zainurrahman
Khairun University of Ternate, North Maluku, Indonesia

This study was performed as a content analysis of a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson entitled Kidnapped. The aim of this study was to see some issues addressed with questions regard to the life challenges dealt by the main character in the novel (David Balfour), what attempt the character did and what result produced by the attempt in dealing with the life challenges. This study was designed as a descriptive qualitative, where the data (texts in the novel) was analyzed descriptively in words, and mimetic approach is used. The data collecting technique used is categorization of texts, which are relevant with the topic discussed. This study was aimed to provide us some inspirations and awareness as human being. Since we are always being faced with challenges in our life, this suggests that patience and well-thought are the main points we must consider. As found in this study, David Balfour’s life challenges come mostly from his uncle Ebenezer. The story of David Balfour’s was burnt by the heritage issue. Ebenezer provided a lot of traps for killing David Balfour; of course this was done for certain purpose. The discussion will guide us to the finding that heritage may be a reason for killing brother. However, that was not the aim of this study; yet, that was the implication of the study. Finally, it is concluded that In fact, David Balfour’s life goal or life
purpose is to have The House of Shaws which is his father’s heritage. In his adventure, he deals with great challenges. David’s attempts are to be patience, thought the solutions and getting help from others. The result is that David is success to get his life purpose; that is having his right as the owner of the House of Shaws.

Keywords: life challenges, patience, mimetic Full Text [PDF]


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