Implicatures in Surat al-Fatihah


(An Analysis of Implicature in the al-Fatihah)


ZPJ: Free Access Journal of Philosophy of Language and Education


This research investigates the implied meaning of surat al-Fatihah from Implicature standpoint. Although it is stated that Pragmatics deals with normal “situation” where the utterance (text) is uttered (produced), it is still possible to analyze texts like verses, even though verses are “abnormal”, since they were not uttered by normal human. This research finds that those verses contain God’s intentions to be confessed in some aspects by human. They also imply deeper meaning that can be obtained as education for the sake of future life.

Keywords: implicature, implied meaning, verses, Qur’an, al-Fatihah.

download the free fulltext of the journal [PDF]


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