Writing: Introduction to Integrated Approach

Writing: Introduction to the Integrated Approach [FullText is available to download]

Zainurrahman, S.S., M.Pd. (STKIP Kie Raha Ternate, Indonesia)



Restoring our knowledge about writing approaches and strategies, we must find that there are at least three approaches of writing: product, process, and genre oriented; go on to the strategy, of course, without any doubt, we find in our memory that strategies are highly pointed out by what approach is being adopted. Those things are “things” in our perspective on writing, whether in teaching or practicing writing itself.

We saw writing as both process and product. We have idea that genre, or text type, is one of the conventional approaches in writing. As well, we also saw that these three approaches are different one another; consequently, we teach students writing in different way, in accordance with the approach we implement in the classroom. Do we think that we teach students writing as a partial activity of creating text? This reflects that our practice of teaching writing is not totally integrated with the philosophy of writing itself, that is, write to communicate.

I suppose that writing is best taught as an integral activity of communication, which begins from genre, process, to product. An integral activity means that the activity of writing is done based on the integration of the three approaches. I believe that there must be reasons and ways to integrate these three approaches in teaching and practicing writing. And for that sake, in this short article, I would like to share the way and the reason of integrating those three approaches at once. Writers like Hyland (2005) or Clark (2003) might had proposed explanations of how this could be; however, for more practical perspective, I think it is imperative to share with you what I believe should be conventionally called as integrated approach.

Keywords: writing approach, product approach, process approach, genre approach, GBA, integrated approach.

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