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This personal blog provides you thoughts about Language and Education, Language learning theories, English learning and also Pragmatics, etc. It is expected that this page and all things in it give you a lot of benefits you need to. Here are the contents of this page. Writings on this page written in both Indonesian and English.

Table of Content

  1. Zainurrahman’s thought about Existentialism and Reconstruction
  2. Zainurrahman’s thought about Truth
  3. Zainurrahman’s critiques on the Pragmatics
  4. Romel Noverino’s Speech Act Analysis
  5. Zainurrahman’s thought on how to improve children knowledge
  6. Zainurrahmans’ thought on how to improve children motivation to learn
  7. Zainurrahman’s thought Philosophy is not the mother of knowledge
  8. Zainurruhman’s Philosophy of assessment
  9. Zainurrahman’s thought on how to write
  10. Zainurrahman’s Philosophy of the Neglected Pancasila’s Value as the source of unfortunates
  11. Zainurrahman’s Philosophy of Ideolinguistics
  12. Zainurrahman’s thought on how to run after the smarter
  13. Zainurrahman’s thought on the Education-Based Social Reconstruction
  14. Romel Noverino’s thought on the Implicit Situational Meaning
  15. Zainurrahman’s thought on Qualitative Research
  16. Zainurrahman’s neo-pragmatics paradigm “The Original of Ideolinguistics
  17. Marnie Riddle’s A Philosophical Discourse on Language
  18. Zainurrahman’s theory of Language Cosmology
  19. Zainurrahman’s Review on Rogers Innovation in Language Education
  20. Paul Feyerabend’s Against Method
  21. Zainurrahman’s Sound and Meaning
  22. Zainurrahman’s Being Lost in Reading
  23. Zainurrahman’s Development of Curriculum
  24. Zainurrahmans’ Interaction: The Meeting Point of Vygotsky’s and Piaget’s Language Development Theory
  25. Zainurrahmans’ Structure and Meaning
  26. Zainurrahman’s Research Report in School Based Curriculum Implementation
  27. Download E-Book The Theories of Translation: From History to Procedures
  28. Download E-Book Introduction to Philosophy of Language and Education
  29. Download E-Book Heidegger From Time to Language by Quentin Smith
  30. Download E-Book Dasar-Dasar Sastra by Zainurrahman
  31. Download English Text Reader by Zainurrahan
  32. Download Summary of Research Report Structure by Zainurrahman
  33. Download English Text reader for Vista
  34. Download Ruang Pertemuan Tuhan Revised by Zainurrahman
  35. Adult Motivational Direction for Applied EYL by Zainurrahman
  36. The History of  Translation
  37. Membangun Kepribadian Anak dengan Tuturan Sehari-hari by Zainurrahman
  38. Teaching Second Language to Visual Learners by Zainurrahman
  39. Language Mask: “When People Hide Behind Words” by Zainurrahman
  40. Pragmatics: “How People Use Language” by Zainurrahman
  41. Reflexive Language: Reported Speech and Metapragmatics, by Lucy| Free Download
  42. Pragmatics: “Entailment and Presupposition”
  43. The Analysis of the Novel “KIDNAPPED” by Robert Louis Stevenson.
  44. Download Ebook “Understanding Conversation: An Intermediate Ideolinguistics Handbook of Outer Language Analysis” by Zainurrahman.
  45. Implied Meaning in Verses: An Analysis of Implicature in the surat al-Fatihah
  46. Mahasiswa Demonstran (Artikel Bahasa Indonesia)
  47. Five Translation Competencies
  48. Writing: Introduction to Integrated Approach
  49. The Way of Teaching: knowing our students, knowing our way
  50. Teori Kesantunan Berbahasa
  51. Reinvestigating Peer  Feedback in L2 Writing
  52. Vocabulary: How to Learn and How to teach it?
  53. Perbedaan Semantik dan Pragmatik
  54. Translation-Based Writing
  55. Phrase, Clause, and Sentence: An Overview
  56. Free Ebook of Semantics
  57. Renungan Sumpah Pemuda 2015
  58. Sastra: Seni dan Strategi Komunikasi
  59. The Motivation of Language Learning, Language Maintenance, and Language Death
  60. Peran Pikiran Bawah Sadar (Subconscious Mind) dalam Penulisan dan Pembelajaran Naratif
  61. Siapkah Siswa Kita Belajar Hari Ini?
  62. An Investigation on the Last Year EFL University Students’ Ideas on Using Story in Teaching English to Young Learners

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