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Zainurrahman, S.S., M.Pd, was born in Ternate (an island in North Moluccas, Indonesia) in March 5th 1983. He finished his graduate school in a university in Ternate (KHAIRUN UNIVERSITY) in faculty of letter and culture especially English letter program with his writing “The Trust in the novel Hard Times written by Charles Dickens”. After finished his study, he taught English for young learners in an English course in Ternate. He taught there at least for two years and beside it he wrote his first philosophy which is titled “Mystics Literature Analysis”. However, his book was not published because it was prevented by local government. He finished his Magister Program in Indonesia University of Education in 2010 with a thesis “Peer Feedback: Students’ Narrative Writing Development and Students’ Responses.”
In 2007 Zainurrahman was invited to be a lecturer of philosophy of language in STKIP KIE RAHA Ternate (Education and Teaching Institution) until now. Before it, he wrote his second philosophy which is titled “Trinity and the Light of Muhammad: A religious discourse of Jesus and Muhammad” that was published by Ternate. This second book was published to answer some critical questions directed to him when he gave a general lecture. Now, he is studying in education university of Indonesia in Bandung to complete his postgraduate study.
His writings have been published by UNDP North Moluccas and now he intends to publish his philosophy of language through his website and can be accessed by everyone freely and can be accessed in:

Zainurrahman basically is heavily influenced by some philosophers such as Aristotle, Heiddeger, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Ghazaly, Abdul Qadir Jilan, Siti Jenar, Kant, Sartre, and Vygotsky.


Zainurrahman also has conceptualized a new philosophy of language (or it is more appropriate to call “communication strategy”) that has been published here.

List of ebooks written by him:

  1. The Original of Ideolinguistics [English]
  2. Dasar-dasar Sastra [Indonesian]
  3. Summary of Research Report Structure [English]
  4. Theories of Translation: From History to Procedures [English]
  5. Introduction to Philosophy of Language and Education [English]
  6. Heiddeger: From Time to Language [English]
  7. Understanding Conversation: An Intermediate Ideolinguistics Handbook of Outer Language Analysis [English].

All those ebooks are published in WordPress Publishing and All those ebooks are downloadable via 4Shared. Feel for free…!!!


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