Biography of Zainurrahman

Zainurrahman, S.S., M.Pd, born in Ternate (North Maluku, Indonesia), is a lecturer in a college of teacher training and education (STKIP Kie Raha, Ternate, Indonesia). He teaches Writing and Linguistics. Having completed his master degree in Indonesian University of Education (his major is English Education and graduated in 2010), he is now devoting his time and energy to teach and to write in many places.

Basically, he is an English lecturer. However, his non-formal education in psychology has drawn him into multidisciplinary fields. He wrote in Neuroscience and Psychopathology Journal, Journal of Linguistics and Language Studies, Gramatika, Langua: Journal of Linguistics, Literature, and Language Education, and so on. Nevertheless, he keeps his interest to fields relevant to Language.

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  1. Excellent. I envy you, Mr. Zein.
    I didn’t realize that I’ve been in one class with such a creative person like you…
    Two thumbs up!!!!

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