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You are visiting Zainurrahman’s Personal Journal. This is, of course, just another blog in WordPress (as it says). In this blog, you can find some articles, research reports, links to download ebooks, and so forth. Those are free as far as you aware the general term “citing legally”.

As you can see more in Zainurrahman’s Biography, he is a lecturer in the College of Teacher Training and Education Kie Raha Ternate. However, the contents of this blog (some of them) were also written and published when he was finishing his Magister degree in Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia.

The central matters that for him interesting are Philosophy and Philosophy of Language, Syntax, and Research. As you can also find, he is interested very much to Pragmatics and Linguistics in general; though he also loves literature. In this blog, feel free, you can get what you look for, hopefully.

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